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So the best kept secret in Fort Portal finally went viral and inevitably the effects were felt all over the place. Only those who were lucky enough to be there can explain the total standstill as the SSL invasion led by our senior citizens marched into town. Fort Portal being a peaceful place that it normally is, was for once a hive of activity as the unprecedented sight of so many old people marched for a good cause. In other words the whole town was totally captivated as the breathtaking revolution unravelled in front of the locals' eyes.

Simil Senior Life (SSL)

We promote the development of the older people in achieving a lasting physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as valued members of the community. Enabling older people to achieve for themselves what they want in their lives, by working alongside them in the pursuit of their own objectives and to free them from isolation and neglect. Our services and programs will support these senior citizens in their own homes to live full independent lives and we will endeavour to ensure that the service we offer will maintain good practices at all times.

Our purpose is to achieve fundamental changes in the lives of older people by empowering, listening, assisting them to cope with the challenges that come with old age and to create a platform for the younger generation to share knowledge and experience with older people.

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With your support we can help the elderly lead a more meaningful life by providing assistance, medically, physically, socially and mentally.

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