Written by Simba Smp. The SSL revolution has arrived in town and fireworks are to be expected. You have been warned, so they say.. Forewarned is forearmed. It is all happening live in Fort Portal on the 15th June 2019 and it is going to be explosive. There are those who have already witnessed and/or experienced the trendsetting SSL charity’s revolution and cannot wait to come and celebrate the official launch. Then there are those who are simply sceptic about the whole idea or those who have never heard about this SSL thing. Well, the stage is now set and it is time to witness the facts from fiction.  

Simil Senior Life (SSL), the charity that has been transforming the lives of senior citizens in Uganda since last year will be officially launching and fund raising on the 15th June 2019 at the Booma grounds in Fort Portal. Not only are we going to see stage performances by the old people and hear their testimonies but it will also probably be the largest ever gathering of old people in Fort Portal. It is going to be a fun-filled day full of enlightenment about old people’s welfare, fundraising, raffle to win genuine electronics from the UK and inspirational speeches from high class dignitaries. The icing of the cake will be live music performances by the multi award winning talent Eddy Kenzo and the inspirational cultural maestro Kigambo Araali. 


As the hosts, SSL will also use this platform to enlighten attendees about the importance of African people investing in local causes, respecting African culture and the downside of over reliance on western aid. Generally, it is more progressive to invest in local causes as it not only benefit local communities (including old people), but also create local jobs. As a brand, SSL intends to create self-sustenance projects to survive without relying on handouts which can dry up at any time. 

To enhance an uninterrupted happiness on the day, we have made sure there will be exciting food for sale, bbq, children play area and again the raffle to win exciting and genuine electronic prizes from the UK. And to add an extra incentive, attending this extra -ordinary event is free. Yes, FREE as in FREE, meaning you pay zero, zilch, busa in local language or nada in Portuguese! So there is no excuse, all you need to do is to turn up and benefit the wisdom from our senior citizens, take the opportunity to win a prize on the raffle, socialise with interesting people and watch live music from two top drawer local musicians. But indeed to help the cause, we will be accepting donations on the day. We will be grateful with whatever you can help as every little helps to add smiles to the older citizens. Any money donated will help run our centres, mostly to buy food and offer transport to those with financial and/or mobility issues. You will also have the opportunity to understand in detail how money raised by the charity is accounted for. With such a variety of interesting things to cater for everyone, it is surely an event not to be missed. And better still, by attending you would have done your part in supporting a great local cause. I for one will certainly be at the event of the year in Fort Portal. Lets join hands and do this!!

Simba Smp is the Managing Director.  You can email him at simba@similseniorlife.org